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To choose the use of 2d or 3d images in rehabilitation: review

Kubryak O.V., Kriklenko E.A.


Different properties of displays, features of visual perception of three-dimensional images and other conditions, probably affect the effectiveness of motor rehabilitation when using a visual feedback channel and virtual reality technology. A brief review presents the latest publications on a choice of 2D or 3D displays. It is concluded that the presence of many features not only creates difficulties in comparing the effects of using various equipment, but also provides the potential for targeted display selection for a particular rehabilitation task.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):116-119
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Primary open angle glaucoma: scientometric analysis of evidence research

Borzunov O.I., Ponomarenko G.N.


The article presents modern data of scientometric analysis and scientific substantiation of the introduction of the evidentiary approach to the development of the strategy of physical therapy of primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG).

Aim is to conduct a scientometric analysis of evidence-based studies on the use of therapeutic physical factors in the therapy of primary open-angle glaucoma.

Results. The paper considers the proposed mechanisms of action and the clinical effects of proven therapeutic physical factors in the therapy of POAG. Particular attention is paid to evidence-based studies on the use of magnetotherapy, electrical stimulation, laser stimulation. In the course of the comprehensive analysis, recommendations on the use of therapeutic physical factors in the treatment of patients with POAG based on evidence were suggested.

Сonclusion. An obligatory link in the therapy of patients with POAG is the analysis of existing evidence-based studies and the implementation of new quality randomized controlled clinical trials to study the effect of therapeutic physical factors on the course of POAG treatment.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):120-125
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Original studies

Work rehabilitation questionnaire (WORQ). Development of the russian version

Karapetian K.K., Vasilchenko E.M., Escorpizo R.


Cross-cultural adaptation of the Work Rehabilitation Questionnaire (WORQ) was performed. WORQ is a generic instrument for assessment of social and vocational status and can be applied in different populations. This paper includes Russian version of the Questionnaire and guidelines for filling in the questionnaire.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):126-132
pages 126-132 views

Assessment of effectiveness of sanatorium medical rehabilitation of patients with bronchial asthma by international classification of functioning, disability and health

Dudchenko L.S., Mizin V.I., Belyaeva S.N., Maslikova G.G., Kozhemyachenko E.N., Kolesnik D.S., Dmitrievskiy A.A.


The purpose of study was to elaborate methodology of assessment of effectiveness of a medical rehabilitation in patients with the bronchial asthma with use of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). Under observation there were 420 patients with bronchial asthma who received sanatorium treatment on the Southern coast of the Crimea. All patients received the clinical, laboratory and functional trial. For assessment of a condition of patients according to provisions of ICF, a set of domains was developed for patients with bronchial asthma. The health resort medical rehabilitation in the climatic resort leads to reliable increase of asthma control. Changes of continuants of the offered domains before carrying out sanatorium medical rehabilitation had reliable positive dynamics. A proposed methodology can be used for assessment of functional condition of patients with bronchial asthma under health resort medical rehabilitation.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):133-140
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Justification of the application of laser radiation of the purple spectrum (405 nm) after conducting surgical operations in the oral cavity

Lepilin A.V., Raygorodskiy Y.M., Grigoryevа D.A., Erokina N.L., Bakhteeva G.R.


An important task for the dentist of the surgeon is the prevention of purulent complications in the postoperative period. This study demonstrates the dynamics of the clinical picture and laboratory data in the application of laser radiation violet wavelength range after surgery in the oral cavity. Patients with detected microorganisms before treatment, after conducting a five-day course of treatment by the device «Lazurit» with the wavelength of 405 nm, 86,7% of the microflora was not determined.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):141-144
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The application experience of terahertz radiation for osteoarthritis of the knee

Kulikov A.G., Ageeva A.I., Volovets S.A.


The aim of this work was to increase the effectiveness of treatment in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee by including in the treatment complex procedures of electromagnetic radiation of the terahertz range. This study was prospective and randomized. 65 patients were examined and treated. They were divided into 2 groups comparable to sex, age, disease type, and severity. All patients received basic therapy, including drugs and exercise therapy. In addition to the basic treatment, the patients of the main group underwent a course of terahertz therapy using the «Emir» device with a ceramic coating of the emitter. The study revealed that the procedures of terahertz therapy are well tolerated by patients, do not cause exacerbation and are combined with other methods of treatment of gonarthrosis. Repeated studies at the end of the course of treatment showed that the inclusion of terahertz radiation in the therapeutic complex has a positive effect on the main clinical symptoms of the disease, reducing the intensity of pain in the knee joints and improving their functional state, having a favorable effect on the state of local hemodynamics.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):145-148
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Efficiency of application of natural and preformed physical factors at the resort in patients with postolocystectomic syndrome

Merkulova G.A., Kaysinova A.S., Kudryavtsev A.A., Fedorova T.E., Tekeeva F.I., Ahkubekova N.K.


The objective: to study the effectiveness of natural and preformed physical factors in correcting functional state of liver in patients with postcholecystectomy syndrome.

Material and methods. We examined 80 patients after cholecystectomy at the age of 45.4±10.2 years. Patients received spa therapy with the use of drinking mineral water Essentuki-Novaya and foam licorice baths (comparison group; n=40) and additionally magnetotherapy on the upper half of the body (main group; n=40).

Results. After the treatment, patients showed a positive dynamics of clinical symptoms of the disease, functional liver tests, lipid metabolism, normalization of lipid peroxidation.

Conclusion. The complex application of natural healing factors and magnetotherapy to patients after cholecystectomy leads to a significant improvement in the basic functions of the hepatobiliary system, normalizes peroxide homeostasis, stabilizes lipid metabolism, prevents the development of inflammatory-degenerative and stagnant phenomena in the biliary system, which prevents the progression of the pathological process.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):149-152
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The experience of application of prolonged craniopuncture in acute period of ischemic stroke

Molchanova E.E.


The purpose of this research was to study the effect of prolonged craniopuncture on the rate of regression of the neurological deficit, the degree of adaptation to daily life, and the level of motivation among patients in the acute period of ischemic stroke. All patients (60 people) were divided into 2 groups, identical by sex, age and severity of the stroke. In the main group of patients (n=30) prolonged scalp therapy was performed simultaneously with classical acupuncture. The peculiarity of this modification of craniopuncture is the use of seven main areas of the scalp with their symmetrical stimulation and duration of exposure for up to 4 hours. Patients of the control group (n=30) underwent acupuncture in combination with scalp therapy according to the classical method. Assessment of the severity of neurological deficit was carried out on the scale NIHSS, while Barthel ADL index was used to assess the patient's daily live activities after stroke. The level of motivation among the patients was studied by using the questionnaire test “Motivation for Success and Motivation for Fear of Failure”. Monitoring was carried out on the 1st and 15th day from the start of treatment. In the main group of patients, the reduction in the severity of the neurological deficit occurred on the 15th day according to the data NIHSS scale was 5.0 (64,9%), the Barthel index increased by 31.0 points (55,1%). In the control group, similar indicators were 3.5 (50,7%) (on the NIHSS scale) and 23.5 points (40,5%) (Barthel's index). Both groups of patients experienced an increase in the level of motivation and were already oriented to success, but in the main group, these changes appeared to be more significant. Thus, the use of prolonged craniopuncture significantly accelerates the restoration of lost functions and the adaptation of patients to everyday life, in comparison with the classical method of scalp therapy, and has a beneficial effect on increasing the level of patients’ motivation.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):153-156
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Effect of noninvasive neuromodulation in the menopusal period in women

Voropaev A.A., Gaidarova A.K., Kotenko N.V., Rachin A.P., Badalov N.G.


In women with extragenital pathology in the menopausal period, the use of noninvasive neuromodulation for the treatment of psychovegetative disorders has been proposed. The method allows to reduce the severity of menopausal and psychosomatic (depression, anxiety) disorders and the level of their mutual influence.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):157-161
pages 157-161 views

Influence of the intravenous laser therapy on ceruloplasmin serum concentration in patients with chronic hepatitis B

Skvortsov V.V., Leshina O.A., Zaitsev V.G.


Рatients with chronic hepatitis B were treated with the intravenouse red lasertherapy. Levels of ceruloplasmin, bilirubin, transaminazes, lipid peroxidation and antioxidative enzymes activity, intrahepatic hemodynamics were determined before and after therapy course. Treatment revealed correction of all indexes, improvement of general conditions after therapy course. Thus, intravenouse red lasertherapy is an effective non-drug method for treatment of chronic diffuse liver diseases.

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation. 2018;17(3):162-164
pages 162-164 views

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