Assessment of hemodynamics in patients with hypertension using dry carbon dioxide baths and ozone therapy

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BACKGROUND: Despite the wide prevalence of arterial hypertension in modern society, including in the Russian population, patients sometimes do not suspect the presence of the disease, and among patients with an established diagnosis, drug therapy has low effectiveness.

AIMS: Of the study was to study the effect of dry carbon dioxide baths and ozone therapy on heart rate variability and reocardiography in patients with hypertension.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We observed 71 patients with stage I hypertension and grade 1–2 arterial hypertension. Patients were randomly selected into three groups: in the control group (n=18), patients received complex spa treatment, including diet, physical therapy, massage of the collar area and aromatherapy; in the comparison group (n=20) — basic spa therapy and dry carbon dioxide baths; in the main group (n=33) — basic spa therapy, ozone therapy and dry carbon dioxide baths.

RESULTS: The combined use of dry carbon dioxide baths and ozone therapy in the complex treatment of patients with hypertension in sanatorium conditions is accompanied by a significant improvement in heart rate variability and central hemodynamics.

CONCLUSION: Complex spa treatment of patients with hypertension with the additional appointment of dry carbon dioxide baths and ozone therapy helps to reduce the tension of the central mechanisms of regulation of the cardiovascular system, restore vegetative balance and vascular tone.

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About the authors

Alexandr V. Yashkov

Samara State Medical University

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-1875-572X
SPIN-code: 2277-5401

Dr. Sci. (Med.), Professor, Research Institute of Restorative Medicine and Rehabilitation

Russian Federation, Samara

Svetlana Y. Statskaya

Sanatorium "Nadezhda", Public Joint Stock Company "Tolyattiazot"

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-4215-9637
SPIN-code: 9396-5290

Cand. Sci. (Med.)

Russian Federation, Toliatti

Alexandr B. Popolitov

Sanatorium "Nadezhda", Public Joint Stock Company "Tolyattiazot"

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-0328-8009
SPIN-code: 7811-6098
Russian Federation, Toliatti


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