Magnetotherapy and intermittent pneumocompression as a metod of rehabilitation of patient with brest cancer in different periods after radical mastectomy

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Objective to develop and compare the effectiveness of General magnetic therapy and intermittent pneumocompression in combination with physical therapy and balance therapy, classes with a medical psychologist in patients on day 2–4 and 1.5–2 months after surgical treatment for breast cancer (breast cancer).

Material and methods. 117 patients aged 25 to 70 years were examined and treated after surgical treatment for breast cancer. All patients underwent intermittent pneumocompression at different times after surgery (2–4 days and 1.5–2 months after surgery), followed by General magnetic therapy without interruption.

Results. It was found that this combination of methods of physical rehabilitation helped to reduce pain and postoperative edema, increase the volume of movements in the shoulder joint, prevent the development of severe lymphostasis and improve the quality of life.

Сonclusion. The contribution of General magnetic therapy to the complex of rehabilitation measures is primarily to increase the number of lymphatic collaterals, increase tissue oxygenation and anti-inflammatory effect. Intermittent pneumocompression contribute to the increase in the number of lymphatic collaterals, stimulates lymph flow.

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About the authors

Inna S. Evstigneeva

Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9128-0965
SPIN-code: 5163-7726


Russian Federation, Moscow

Marina Yu. Gerasimenko

Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1741-7246
SPIN-code: 7625-6452

MD, D.Sci., Professor

Russian Federation, Moscow

Oksana M. Perfileva

Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

SPIN-code: 5453-5031
Russian Federation, Moscow


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Supplementary files

Supplementary Files
1. Fig. 11. Reduction of the daily volume of lymphorrhea in patients in the early postoperative period

Download (46KB)
2. Fig. 2. Comparative characteristics of the range of motion in the shoulder joint on the side of the operation in patients at different times after surgical treatment

Download (110KB)
3. Fig. 3. Reduction of the zone of pathological hyperthermia in patients at different times after surgical treatment

Download (66KB)
4. Fig. 4. Indicators of the level of fibrinogen, g / l

Download (60KB)
5. Fig. 5. Indicators of the level of prothrombin time, seconds

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