The use of non-medicamental programs for the correction of metabolic syndrome

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The authors report results of the study designed to correct metabolic syndrome by the application of a travelling magnetic field in 120 obese patients undergoing regular prophylactic medical examination at the Stavropol Centre of General Medical (Family-Based) Practice. Optimization of the use and enhancement of the efficacy of physiotherapeutic factors for the correction of metabolic syndrome were achieved based on the specially developed scientifically sound neurotropic method including the application of a travelling magnetic field to the anterior abdominal wall in combination with the consumption of Essentuki mineral water and low-calorie diet. The data obtained suggest high therapeutic efficiency of the proposed method apparent as the reduction of body weight and improvement of various biochemical characteristics of carbohydrate metabolism. These observations provide a basis for the differential application of the non-medicamental programs depending on the severity of metabolic syndrome.


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